Tight Shoe Turmoil

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    It’s really unfortunate that some of the best looking shoes are the ones that are bad for your feet. I have problems with wearing these kinds of shoes, because I really like wearing heels, but lately my feet have been hurting really bad. I think that it is probably time to step away from the tall heels and find shoes that are better for my feet. Then I won’t have to deal with walking around in pain. I might need to get orthotics for my shoes to make sure that they are helping my feet get better!

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      Dr. Krejci says: As a woman, I have the same challenges. You shouldn’t have to deal with pain and unfashionable shoes! There are some shoes that work better than others, depending on your individual foot type. I am able to look at your foot, offer recommendations for shoe gear, activity level, and treatment, including conservative measures, and surgical intervention, if there is more going on. If custom molded orthotics are warranted, I can make those for you too!

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