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Trigger Finger – Part 2

In part 1 of our blog about trigger finger, we looked at the following: What it is: Stenosing tenosynovitis – more commonly known as “trigger finger” – is a condition that involves one of your fingers getting “stuck” in a… read more

Trigger Finger – Part 1

Stenosing tenosynovitis – more commonly known as “trigger finger” – is a condition that involves one of your fingers getting “stuck” in a bent position. Often the affected finger will straighten back out with a “snap” – kind of like… read more

Knee Pain and Weight Loss

It’s a well-known fact that carrying around excess weight – be it a little or a lot – puts us at an increased risk of developing things like diabetes and heart disease. However, a lesser known tidbit of information is… read more

Physical Therapy – Do I Have To?

A lot of referred physical therapy patients go simply because their doctor has told them that they need to go (which is great – we love it when patients follow instructions!). But, sometimes, patients feel as though they’re left in the… read more

What Is Internal Fixation?

Because of the various ways that bones break, sometimes something more than a cast or splint is required to ensure that the bone(s) heal properly. This is where internal fixation comes into play. Internal fixation is a surgical procedure that… read more

Growth Plate Fractures

  Because children are still growing, they are at risk for an injury that adults are not – growth plate fractures. Growth plates – which are areas of cartilage located near the ends of bones – help to determine both… read more

What is a Separated Shoulder?

You’ve probably heard the term “separated shoulder” before but unless it’s something you’ve endured, there’s a good chance you may not be 100% sure of what the condition entails. This type of injury tends to occur when an individual falls… read more

Backpacks…Back Pain…and Your Child

Every year, millions of students across the country can be seen toting around a backpack, often filled to the brim with books and other class materials. If you happen to be the parent or caregiver of one of those children… read more

The Hurt of High Heels

If you’ve ever spent any amount of time wearing high heels, you know that they’re not the most comfortable style of shoe available. And, while there’s no disputing the fact that they very well may be the height of fashion… read more

This Little Piggy Went to Market…This Little Piggy Had Flat Feet?! (Part 2)

Thanks for joining us for part 2 of our series on common foot, ankle, and leg conditions in children! In our last segment, we discussed flat feet and, today, we’ll take a look at toe walking and in-toeing (aka, pigeon… read more