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Tips to Follow During Physical Therapy

Walking into the physical therapy room can be daunting. You’re recovering from an injury and about to work the most tender part of your body. No one wants to go through physical therapy, but it’s the fastest route to a… read more

Musculoskeletal Disorders in Farmers

Harvest is just weeks away. For those of you in the agriculture industry, this means early mornings and late nights spent at work with colleagues, friends and family. Farming is physically and mentally taxing. While your team is working long… read more

Risk Factors and Osteoporosis

Most people think of osteoporosis, which is a condition characterized by thin, brittle bones, as something that only affects elderly women. However, starting at around age 30 or so, you begin losing bone tissue at a rate that’s faster than… read more

It’s Time for Back to School – In the Classroom AND On the Field! – Part 1

Even though it seems as though summer has just begun, the sad fact of the matter (for kids, anyway…maybe not so “sad” for their parents) is that those first days of school – and all the ones that follow –… read more