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Pain, Numbness, or Tingling in Your Hands or Wrists?

Have you spent extended time typing, using hand tools or power tools, or even playing the piano? Then you may understand the strain that these activities can place on your hands and wrists. Prolonged exposure to these factors, along with… read more


How much do you know about frostbite? It’s winter – and we’re in Nebraska – which means that at least a basic understanding of the condition is a good idea. What is frostbite? Frostbite is an injury that’s caused when… read more

Snow Blowers – Good for Snow, Bad for Hands

Every year individuals around the world suffer from amputations and other severe injuries, all by doing the same thing – using snow blowers incorrectly. Lots of people incorrectly assume that the auger, located at the intake end of the snow… read more