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What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Lift up your hand. Turn it over so you can see your palm. Look at the region where your hand and wrist meet. Right around that region is your carpal tunnel; an inch-wide, narrow passage made up of bones and… read more

Pain, Numbness, or Tingling in Your Hands or Wrists?

Have you spent extended time typing, using hand tools or power tools, or even playing the piano? Then you may understand the strain that these activities can place on your hands and wrists. Prolonged exposure to these factors, along with… read more

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of our series on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome! Today, we’ll take a brief look at how carpal tunnel is diagnosed, as well as the treatment options available to our patients. Let’s start with how this painful disorder… read more

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Part 1

Pain. Burning. Numbness. Weakness. What do each of these have in common? They’re all symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Unlike a multitude of other ailments in life, the symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome tend to occur gradually – so… read more