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Living with Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is real, and most people will experience it at some point in their lives. In fact, a 2012 American Physical Therapy Association survey found nearly two-thirds of Americans experience low-back pain but 37 percent do not seek professional… read more

Musculoskeletal Disorders in Farmers

Harvest is just weeks away. For those of you in the agriculture industry, this means early mornings and late nights spent at work with colleagues, friends and family. Farming is physically and mentally taxing. While your team is working long… read more

Overuse Injuries in Kids

If there are any universal traits in children, it’s that most are highly active. This activity is good, as it builds cardiovascular and muscular strength, increases bone density and helps cognitive function as well. But how much activity is too… read more

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Lift up your hand. Turn it over so you can see your palm. Look at the region where your hand and wrist meet. Right around that region is your carpal tunnel; an inch-wide, narrow passage made up of bones and… read more

Understanding the Basics of ACL Injuries

You have one point left in your racquetball game, score and you win. Your opponent hits a poor shot and serves the ball on a platter for you. You hustle to your position, stop abruptly to smash the ball, but… read more

What are the Little League Guidelines for Youth Baseball Players?

Little League season has arrived. Between work, your little leaguer’s baseball practice and tournaments, you might feel overwhelmed. We know you don’t want us to add to your stresses, but that’s exactly what this article is going to do. Follow… read more

After-Surgery Care

Surgery isn’t fun for anyone, and for many, the after-surgery period can be a long, tedious time riddled with limited mobility, pain, doctor’s appointments, medication, and other hassles that can impact your quality of life while healing. Regardless of your… read more

Prairie Ortho: 3D Printing of Prosthetics

Technology is always changing and advancing in our ever-changing world, so much so that we now have the ability to create prosthetic limbs via 3D printing. By utilizing 3D printing, more individuals will have access to affordable and quality-made prosthetics…. read more

What is Trigger Finger?

Trigger finger, a painful condition caused when the thumb or finger locks up when bent due to inflamed tendons, is a common ailment among a wide array of individuals. The condition itself is caused by prolonged repetitive movements or use… read more

Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

Do you think you might have plantar fasciitis? What is it, exactly? Plantar fasciitis is an orthopedic condition that causes heel pain and discomfort. The plantar fascia is a thin ligament that connects the front of the foot to the… read more